Text Box: The Spoon River Project can be performed in a traditional indoor theatre or it can be performed outdoors in a cemetery at night!  It runs about 1 hour and 20 minutes. 
There are eleven actors and three musicians. It is a “theatre piece with music” It is NOT a musical.

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See video clips of a production of The Spoon River Project at YouTube

 photos of the Spoon River Project in the NY Times. Production at the historic Green-Wood Cemetery, NYC

 photos of a production of The Spoon River Project in The Lake View Cemetery, Jamestown NY

 photos of a production of The Spoon River Project in a tradition theatre, Cal State Fullerton

NEW! Video of  James Caldwell High School Production.  See what it would look like in your High School.

The Spoon River Project, Halberg Theatre, Cal State Fullerton 

Directed by Mark Ramont      Photos by Edwin Lockwood

           The Spoon River Project

                                                                                                            A theatre piece with music

                                                                                                                  By Tom Andolora






                                                                                                                    A new adaptation of

                                                                                                               Spoon River Anthology

                                                                                                             By Edgar Lee Masters



                                                                                                     Published by Playscripts.com



If you want to know what life is about listen to the dead, that is… when they talk to you.









NEW! Video of the first High School Production. See what The Spoon River Project

                                           might look like in your High School!

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