The Spoon River Project at Green-Wood Cemetery,  June 2011 Brooklyn , NY  Photo by The NY Times

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Note from Tom Andolora: I am very happy to answer any questions you may have about this show. Please do not hesitate to contact me. I am available to visit and lead a workshop in conjunction with your production.   I  also look forward to attending as an audience member and seeing other exciting interpretations of this piece!


The Spoon River Project






The cast of the Spoon River Project from James Caldwell High School, W. Caldwell NJ at the Montclair University Theatre Awards Night. Their production was awarded the “Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble” Award! Congratulations to Director Jensyn Modero and Cast.  Their production was nominated for NINE awards.  More than any other production.  These are state wide awards. More than 70 High School productions were entered. 

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I think everyone who has ever worked or studied in the theatre is aware of Edgar Lee Masters’ The Spoon River Anthology. It is an extraordinary piece of literature. Since it was written in 1916, acting teachers have been using the monologues from Spoon River Anthology in the classroom. They are great pieces for actors young and old because they require the creation of full-blooded characters with just a few, simple strokes.  Each poem contains a wealth of given circumstances that both demand attention to detail and spur the imagination towards creative performance choices.

I am happy to announce there is a great new stage adaptation that I know will excite a new generation.  I believe after you’ve read this haunting adaptation by Tom Andolora, you’ll see why.  Better yet, stage it, and you’ll really see how Tom breathes new life into a work that, while timeless, benefits mightily from his loving hand.   


As I began to rehearse the piece and explore it with my talented group of young performers at CSU Fullerton, I became increasingly aware and appreciative of the exquisite, heartbreaking beauty of Tom’s work.  He has taken Masters’ 200 plus poems, distilled them down to an essential few, added music from the period, and lovingly crafted an unforgettable journey that profoundly affects the audiences who witness it.


Tom’s love for the material is evident at every turn.  His choice of characters, the relationships he insightfully explores, the care with which he balances the variety of ways in which the characters come to their demise, and the unerring ear with which he musically underscores the characters’ struggles to find meaning in the lives no longer theirs to live, all blend seamlessly to create a richly textured portrait of a community that loathes and loves itself.  In Tom’s socially acute hands, Spoon River becomes as much a snapshot of today’s America as Masters’ poems were for his early 20th Century audience.  However, in Tom’s world – much more so than in Masters’ – there is hope.  Tom never shies away from the bitterness and disappointment that are so prevalent in Masters’ poems, but he resolves the journey in a celebration of joy that allows the characters to end their gathering with the earned promise of peace.  His resolution is one of the most moving, yet extraordinarily simple, theatrical coups you’ll ever hope to witness. 


Do yourself a favor: read this; produce this.  You will find it surprisingly and wonderfully rewarding.

Mark Ramont

Associate Professor, Department of Theatre and Dance

California State University, Fullerton

The Spoon River Project is a wonderful educational opportunity within the classroom and as a full scale theatrical piece. It offers actor training in the areas of voice and speech techniques, character development, script scoring, monologue preparation, and actions and objectives among many others. 

My high school students had never had any formal acting training before The Spoon River Project. I found that my actors thrived while working on this piece. The sense of community and ensemble that formed as a result was astounding on and off stage. 

Our production was produced inside on a stage with minimal sets and it worked very beautifully. Edgar Lee Masters poems are Greek in nature which helped the students dive into the complexity and depth of the characters he created because the text is so eloquent. The Spoon River Project is a magical piece of theatre that mystifies its audiences with its poignant and timeless material. 

Jensyn Modero, Director of Theatre

Rahway High School, Rahway, NJ